must become a bad liability and a bad debt.


·         Use the debt money for buying a house, which you turn into a rental house or hotel. Rent out the rooms on the day or month basis. Earn a handful from this to earn a living and grow your wealth while you pay back just a portion of t news he earning towards debt repayment and soon enjoy the profits.

·         Use the debt amount to buy a piece of land that you know would be of high commercial value. Just wait for the right time and sell it off to the party offering the best deal. You will have to pay the debt through a tenure surely. But after the real estate deal is closed you would be earning more than twice you pa news id towards debt repayment in most likeliness.

·         Buy home by borrowing money, and rent a part of it while you use the rest of the house for your residence. The money you get as rent can be used to pay the EMI for the debt through the entire tenure to pay back the debt fully. This way, you own your house without investing much out of your pocket, and the debt is good debt in this case.

This way, there are various great ways to earn through leveraging while you pay back the debt too. However, the full thing must be done with absolutely flawless planning. You must have backup plans to use in case your primary plan fails. You are taking a debt not to get under heavy dues and burden but to use the money for earning more and build wealth. Hence, in no way, the debt must become a bad liability and a bad debt.

What if your plan fails?

Sometimes plans don’t work as you thought of. But in this case, when you were otherwise quite sound and well with your finances, then there is absolutely no sense in inviting trouble in your life by getting indebted and not being able to pay it back for any reason. Hence, if by chance your business plan with the real estate investment doesn’t work the way you planned it, then you must act soon to get the debt off your shoulders. Smart debt settlement ways like debt consolidation etc. are there to help out people in unmanageable debts. In case things start slipping out of hand, you can always get help from a financial advisor or debt settlement, helping the agency with good debt consolidation ratings.

But in that case, also, you must not wait too long. Waiting too long and missing EMI payments for the dues can result in a lowering of credit score. This affects your entire credit history and creditworthiness profile. Hence, instead of risking your health profile, you must try and find feasible solutions which work best for you and pushes any unmanageable debt out of your life.

Wrapping it up

Get into the ties of debt only when you are fully sure that you have dependable healthy plans to pay the dues. If you are not sure, they don’t go into the financial instability and huge mental agitation that debt can bring into a good life. If you can handle debt well to modify it into earning and wealth eventually then only go for this.




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